Minor Updates or Major Renovation?

It’s time. You’ve been putting it off, but your website has lost its luster, your business hours have changed, your team photo is out of date, and some of the links are broken.

Or maybe it’s worse than that? Maybe no one can find your website when they search for what you’re selling and….well, you’re almost glad because it’s embarrassing?

Where to start?

One and Done

Quick and easy: Tell me what needs to be updated and I’ll take care of it. (But you’ll be leaving a lot of potential untouched.)

Longer-Term Success

To benefit from a skilled and more strategic approach, we’ll want to:

  • Review your business objectives and discuss how your website is or isn’t helping you meet your goals
  • Do an inventory of your content, promotions, images, social media accounts
  • Evaluate web traffic metrics (if available), search engine ranking for key words and phrases, and conversion rates on your calls to action
  • Decide what we can measure, over time, to see if our changes are successful

Raising Your Standards

I’ll propose, suggest, and encourage you to consider:

  • Concrete steps for how we can improve the readability, findability, and search engine rankings of your web pages
  • Small and large improvements to your design: page layout, typography, and/or color palette
  • Reorganizing your content and tweaking menu labels to improve navigation through your site

Whichever level of support you need, call me at (434) 282.3105 or email me at lynne@websiteupdates.pro and let’s get started.