Pro Tips

I follow a variety of web experts. Here are a few perspectives you’ll hear if we get the chance to work together.

Designing for Mobile?

“Good design doesn’t force users to pick up the device that we designers want them to pick up; good design gives users the best of what a company has to offer on the device that the user wants to use at that point in their journey.”

Mobile First Is Just Not Good Enough: Meet Journey-Driven Design
By Marli Mesibov and Jason Levin; published in Smashing Magazine on February 2, 2017

Do the Words Really Matter?

“Before we touch any other part of the design, we should be thinking about out how our users will be interacting with the content…Users don’t want to spend their time admiring your website. It’s not what they’re there for. They’re there to find what they’re looking for, and move on to the next task in their day.

They might be looking for information on your product or service, news, a photo, or any number of things; and they just want to find it, and get out. On an emotional level, they’re searching for the solution to a problem…If your website solves their problem, they come back for more.”

Why “Content First” Should Be Your New War Cry
By Ezequiel Bruni; published November 14, 2014

Thinking About a Redesign?

If you’re thinking of redesigning your website, ask yourself this question: Am I simply papering over the cracks? Great websites are not redesigned. They are continuously improved…

Relevancy, accuracy and up-to-datedness of content are key problems that websites face today. You don’t need a redesign to address these issues…Customers need to find things quickly on your website, [and] there’s probably a lot more work you could do to make your content more search-friendly, and that doesn’t require a redesign.”

By Gerry McGovern (Gerry helps organizations such as Dropbox, Cisco, and IBM deliver better digital customer experiences.)