Hi, I’m Lynne. I’ve been working with websites for more than a decade. I’ve wrangled and tangled with HTML, CSS, and content management systems (e.g., WordPress). I’ve focused on content creation and editing, web marketing, and web analytics. I’ve worked solo and on teams, collaborating with other content strategists, web designers, web developers, business analysts, and digital marketers.

Now I’m excited to help small businesses in central Virginia turn their websites into valuable marketing tools that bring them customers and job leads instead of just costing them money. I have the skills, knowledge, experience, and dedication to excellence needed to take your website to the next level.

Check out my LinkedIn profile, call me at 434.282.3105 or email lynne@websiteupdates.pro and let’s get started.

“When my website designer literally left the country, I was stuck with an outdated website and didn’t have the time or know-how to fix it. When Lynne agreed to take it on, we discussed my business goals and she challenged me to think about the website from the perspective of my potential customers.

I’ve been so pleased with her work that we setup an ongoing contract so I can focus on building my business.

Whether your website needs a quick fix, a major makeover, or ongoing maintenance, you can count on Lynne for high quality work.”

Richard Roepnack
Man With A Movie Camera