What Has Your Website Done For You Lately?

Your website may be “working” 24/7, but if it’s not helping you grow your business, it might be hurting your business.

Does your homepage have “what’s new” announcements or “most recent” blog posts dated from last year?  Is your contact information front and center, on every page, or hard to find?

Maybe your site looks fine but isn’t bringing you new customers.  A search engine optimization (SEO) overhaul or more persuasive calls-to-action could result in more leads. Or your web analytics data might reveal that your website visitors read your pricing page but not your customer testimonials page.

The good news is that there are several different ways to tackle those problems.

Website Updates, LLC is a web services company in Scottsville, Virginia, focused on helping small businesses improve their bottom line by upgrading their website.

If your website needs an update or an overhaul, or if SEO, web analytics, and success metrics aren’t part of your Internet marketing plan yet, we should definitely talk.

Email lynne@websiteupdates.pro or call (434) 282.3105 and let’s get started.